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We go to the ring and out comes Lana with WWE United States Champion Rusev. She starts talking but is immediately interrupted by the music. Jack Swagger comes out to a pop and is ready to fight. They go at it and Swagger slams Rusev on his ankle.

Swagger brings Rusev back in and works on the ankle. Rusev goes to the floor for a breather. They come back in and Swagger nails a clothesline after ducking one. Swagger with a splash in the corner. Rusev avoids a Swagger Bomb. Swagger catches a superkick and turns it into a Patriot Lock but Rusev goes into the Accolade. Swagger gets to the bottom rope but Rusev pulls him back to the middle of the ring and applies the hold again. Swagger looks to be passing out in the hold. He finally gets to his feet with Rusev on his back but falls on the mat. Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock and gets it locked in.

They end up on the floor and Rusev drops Swagger with a big superkick. They come back in and Rusev nails another big kick. Rusev applies the Accolade for the win as the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Rusev

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Current: 14  | Previous: 17 | Movement: 3

The Real American makes move up the rankings after unleashing his devastating Patriot Lock on Rusev and Titus O’Neil.

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Jack Swagger vs Titus O’Neil

Swagger charges the corner and hits Titus a few times, then Titus shoves him back and they fight for position in a tie up. Titus mocks Swagger so Swagger sweeps his legs and connects with some mounted punches, then he whips him to the opposite corner and kicks him in the face. Swagger kicks Titus from the apron, then he tries to pull him back in but Titus whips him shoulder first into the ringpost. Titus repeatedly punches him and hits a fallaway slam, then Swagger snaps his head on the ropes and charges at him. Titus hits a clothesline and ties him up in the ropes, then goes for another fallaway slam but Swagger swings around and makes him tap out to the Patriot Lock.

Winner – Jack Swagger

Rusev and Lana come out and taunt Swagger with the United States Championship, and Swagger just stares back as Rusev raises the title above his head.

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Looking to regain the United States Title and avenge his fallen mentor in one fell swoop, Jack Swagger will challenge U.S. Champion Rusev this Sunday at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs … and Stairs.

The Super Athlete heinously attacked Zeb Colter backstage during the Dec. 1 Raw, injuring Swagger’s patriotic partner and fueling even more animosity between he and The Real American.

Already familiar foes, Rusev and Swagger clashed in several high-profile bouts earlier this year, including a fierce Flag Match at SummerSlam. Though Swagger holds a rare disqualification victory over the outspoken Hero of the Russian Federation, no one has yet pinned Rusev or made him tap. To reclaim the U.S. Championship, which he held briefly in 2012, Swagger must achieve one of those two outcomes this Sunday.

Given Rusev’s unprovoked beatdown of Colter, there is ample reason to believe Swagger will be more motivated than ever when he stands across the ring from The Super Athlete at WWE TLC. Rusev and Lana witnessed Swagger’s fury in person after Rusev claimed responsibility for taking out Colter, as the irate Oklahoman bolted to the ring and bum-rushed the U.S. Champion before WWE officials intervened.

Don’t miss out when this highly charged collision takes center stage at WWE TLC. Will Swagger make Colter proud by finally forcing Rusev to succumb to the Patriot Lock, or will the U.S. Champion’s streak of dominance continue? Find out by watching WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs … and Stairs this Sunday on WWE Network and pay-per-view at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

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We go to the ring and WWE United States Champion Rusev makes his way out with Lana. Lana cuts an anti-American promo until Jack Swagger interrupts from the stage. He says Rusev broke Zeb Colter’s leg so Swagger’s going to snap his ankle. They start brawling at ringside but Rusev throws Swagger into the barrier. Rusev misses a kick and Swagger takes the leg out. Swagger slams Rusev into the barrier. Swagger applies the Patriot Lock on the floor. Officials finally come and back Swagger up the ramp as his music hits.

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Current: 18 | Previous: – | Movement: -

Jack Swagger makes his triumphant return to the Power Rankings after defeating Cesaro at Survivor Series and standing up to Rusev on Raw.

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thumb_SD_797_Photo_025-222507271 thumb_SD_797_Photo_027-3813494827 thumb_SD_797_Photo_045-1528403585 thumb_SD_797_Photo_047-3038246829

20-Man Battle Royal for the US Title

Some quick eliminations occur within the first 60 seconds or so, including Curtis Axel, Sin Cara and Heath Slater. Adam Rose follows and then we see Los Matadores try and take out Big Show, but he flips the script and tosses them out. Show and Rowan face off and Erick gets one over on the world’s giantest athlete by tossing him. Rowan’s victory is short-lived as Rusev dumps him quickly. Then we go to commercial.

After the break, Goldust eliminates Miz and then Mizdow eliminates himself as Cole yells, “That guy is a moron!” Swagger tosses Goldust and Stardust next. After more eliminations, the final four stands as Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, Jack Swagger and Rusev. The Canadian, the Bulgarian and the Swiss dude get all over the American. Swagger fights back, landing some good shots and moves on all of them. He thwarts an effort by Cesaro to eliminate him and then turns around and dumps Tyson Kidd. Cesaro tries to get Swagger out of it and Rusev ultimately puts both of the remaining competitors out of action, retaining the title.


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thumb_SUR14_Photo_027-3100792691 thumb_SUR14_Photo_032-3517158077 thumb_SUR14_Photo_043-3924112620 thumb_SUR14_Photo_045-8819161

After the announcement by a reinvigorated Barrett, proud son of Switzerland Cesaro had a declaration of his own, in several languages. He pointed out that his native country has stayed neutral throughout global conflict, but in “the greatest battle in WWE history” – Team Cena vs. Team Authority – he is indeed taking sides with Team Authority. Cesaro’s former allies, Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger, emerged to make a statement of their own. Colter claimed Swiss neutrality is a myth and Cesaro is just a brown noser, unlike Americans, who work hard to get things done – just like they – and Team Cena – will!

When the former tag team partners decided to then settle their score in the ring on the Survivor Series Kickoff, Swagger made his country proud with an all-American victory. Swagger locked Cesaro in the Patriot Lock early, putting the Swiss Superman in trouble, but Cesaro kicked his way out out of the hold, driving Swagger out of the ring. As the battle raged on, Cesaro hit The All-American American with two vicious German suplexes, but on the attempted third, Swagger countered with another Patriot Lock, this time forcing his former ally to tap out. We The People!

WINNER: Jack Swagger

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thumb_ME_112_Photo_0016-642163293 thumb_ME_112_Photo_0018-3254685530 thumb_ME_112_Photo_0022-168179079

Bray Wyatt vs. Jack Swagger

Wyatt goes to work with right hands and knee lifts, but Swagger catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Swagger goes into the corner with shoulder thrusts and knee lifts, and starts hammering away with clotheslines until the referee backs him off the ropes. Wyatt levels him with a massive clothesline and then stares down Zeb Colter. He continues the attack for several minutes, mostly in a rest hold, and follows up with a running splash. Swagger briefly comes back and tries to get his opponent in the Patriot Lock, but Bray hits him with Sister Abigail.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

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thumb_RAW_1120_Photo_017-4185370483 thumb_RAW_1120_Photo_021-993614213 thumb_RAW_1120_Photo_022-2721056831 thumb_RAW_1120_Photo_028-1122361633

Cena talks about Team Authority vs. Team Cena at Survivor Series. He says The Authority doesn’t want him to have a team and they’re doing everything they can to scare the guys backstage. Cena mentions Zack Ryder is out of action for 6 months and says they put Rusev on him for making a tweet about Team Cena. Cena reveals Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler for his team. He calls out Ryback to talk about their main event match tonight. Ryback enters to a big pop. He says he’s back and immediately is interrupted by Triple H’s music. The Authority comes out with Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, Kane, Seth Rollins, Joey Mercury, Jamie Noble and new partner Mark Henry.

Stephanie says she’s thinking about making God Save the Queen her entrance theme. Triple H says everything is on the line at Survivor Series and he will put the fear of God in everyone so they don’t join Team Cena. Triple H says he is God as far as he’s concerned. We get more back and forth about Survivor Series. Triple H and Stephanie try to lure Ryback to their team with the idea of more money, more title shots, more fame, more glory. Ryback ends up slamming Cena and getting Stephanie hyped up. Ryback’s music hits and we go to commercial.

Seth Rollins vs. Jack Swagger

Back from the break and Seth Rollins laughs at Jack Swagger as Swagger’s entrance wraps. Swagger takes Rollins down to start the match. Zeb Colter is at ringside.

Rollins has to hit a cheap shot to turn the match around. Swagger comes back but Rollins rolls to the floor for a breather. Rollins comes back in and beats Swagger in the corner. They counter suplexes and Swagger nails one. Swagger keeps control until Rollins nails a dropkick. Swagger takes him back to the corners and tosses him across the ring. Swagger misses a Swagger Bomb but lands on his feet as Rollins goes back outside for a breather. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Rollins is going for a 2 count. Fans chant for JBL as Rollins kicks Swagger. Fans chant for Lawler as Rollins takes Swagger down with a headlock. Some fans chant for Cole now. Swagger ends up dropping Rollins over the top rope. Swagger nails a big clothesline and a knee in the corner. Swagger with a big boot and a Swagger Bomb for a 2 count. Swagger applies the Patriot Lock but Rollins makes it to the bottom rope. They go to the floor and Swagger applies the hold again. The Stooges provide distraction, allowing Rollins to push Swagger into the ring post. Rollins brings Swagger back in for a Curb Stomp and the win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

– After the match, a doctor checks on Swagger as Rollins celebrates with the Stooges. They back the doctor away and Rollins nails another Cub Stomp on Swagger. Rollins has words with Zeb next.

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